David C Collar

Organismal and Environmental Biology (OENB)

Vertebrate Collections Lab: Forbes 2013

Fish Lab: Forbes 2052

Office: Forbes 1001          Phone: (757) 594 7064

Email: david.collar@cnu.edu


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Principal Investigator

Current Students


Samantha Tremaine (B.S. 2017, Organismal Biology) is an environmental scientist at Aventi Corporation and is pursuing an MS in Environmental Sceince and Policy at George Mason University

Dylan Thomson (B.S. 2018, Organismal Biology) is a science teacher at Gotham Middle School in Windermere, FL

Emma DiPaolo

Program: B.S., Organismal Biology

Interests: Evolutionary ecology, macroevolution, conservation biology

Emma's research centers on the anatomical basis of body shape evolution in blennies. She combines morphological measurements with phylogenetic comparative methods to reconstruct patterns of anatomical change associated with the origins of extreme elongation.  

Trevor Hobbs

Program: M.S. Environmental Science

Interests: Physiological ecology, ichthyology

Trevor's research involves testing the allometry of mummichog predator escape performance. He is particularly interested in whether temperature dependence of escape performance varies across size classes. His work combines performance testing, high speed videography, and morphometrics.